Hardinge Conical 12x6

Hendey Lathe on CL-NH - practicalmachinist Not sure this one is officially antique, so I won't be insulted if I'm sent elsewhere (moderator - please move if it doesn't go here) - figured folks who hang here ... CO060 Cochlear Vistafix 3 Cover screw Cover screw conical for Vistafix One size $142.00 conical VXI300 implant. The Cover screw is only compatible with VXI300 implants Idioms Phrases Till CG | Nitrogen | Matrix . 12x6= 36 हो तो 6x9= ? का मान ात क जए ? Options: 1) 35 2) 24 3) ... 1) Lord Wellesley लॉड वे ल ले 2) Lord Hardinge लॉड हा डग 3) ...    Read More